Making a counterfeit DEFCON 27 badge

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I’ve admired some of the DEFCON badge faking attempts I’ve seen in the past. One was highlighted in the DEFCON Documentary:

And as stated in the documentary by the DT himself:

If you can counterfeit the badge, and you can get past the guards, repeatedly, good for you. You probably deserve to get in. Right? That’s what a hacking convention is all about.

Dark Tangent, DEFCON Documentary

Badge counterfeiting across the many years of DEFCON was highlighted in this DC24 talk, How to Make Your Own DEF CON Black Badge (some of them are quite complex).

Just before DC, I attended Black Hat. While visiting a vendor booth, I received a piece of swag, a round circular disk. I asked the sales engineer what it was. “It’s a ceramic disc you put at the bottom of your car’s cup holder and it absorbs liquid.” — Me: “Okay cool, I don’t have a car but sure why not.”

But once I got my DC27 badge I knew this would be the one year I would likely be able to make some kind of counterfeit! It was a white circular disc made of Brazilian quartz with a circuit board on the back, simple enough:

DEFCON 27 Official Badge

Immediate thought upon receiving the badge “I know the perfect way to do this.” So, hilarity ensued as I attended DEFCON 27 with this fake badge for the majority of the conference:

Now I do say the majority of the conference, because late Saturday a Goon did finally confront me! So that’s 3/4 days of attendance without any issues.

In Conclusion: Nothing funnier than attending DEFCON with a fake badge, made from of all things… Black Hat vendor swag… 😉

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